How To Improve Page Ranking In Google

There is no doubt that for a web page, internal links and external links are important. Page optimization, specifically On-page SEO, is also irreplaceable! These tips are relevant as long SEO Service in Kolkata is concerned.

What do you know about On-Page SEO? How to do SEO on your page? We will take a quick dive into this right away

1. Use SEO-friendly URLs

Make your URLs short, user-friendly, and include targeted keywords.

Avoid ugly URLs such as

Or longer URLs such as the-best

2. Use keywords to start the title

The title tag is an essential page SEO factor. In general, the closer a keyword is to the beginning of the title tag, the more it weights the search engine!

(It is not necessary to use the target keyword as the beginning of the title tag. But if there is a keyword and you are eager to improve its ranking, you can try to put it at the beginning of the title!)

3.  H1 tag contains the post title

H1 tag is the “title tag.” Most CMSs (like WordPress ) automatically add H1 tags to your blog post title. If so, then you are all done.

However, it should be noted that when some topics cover the h1 tag, you need to personally check the website code to ensure that each page has only one  H1 tag and that the H1 tag contains the target keywords. So it is necessary to check the site code in time!

4. Dazzling multimedia

The text has a limited effect. Light text pages will appear tedious, and viewers are prone to aesthetic fatigue and boredom. Users’ lack of interest in reading will eventually lead to a high bounce rate on the site and affect SEO rankings.

Fascinating images, videos, and charts can reduce bounce rates and increase visit time!

Proper use of multimedia has significant SEO advantages: it can help you enhance the user interactivity that Google has been focusing on.

It increases the perceived value of the page content-which means we will have easier access to quality external links.

5. There must be keywords in the first 100 words.

For a better ranking of your page, your keywords should be found in the first 100 words of the content, preferably in the first sentence of the first paragraph. This helps Google understand what your page does.

6. Use Responsive Design

Google began penalizing mobile-unfriendly websites in 2015, and maybe more stringent in the future.

For a mobile-friendly website, I recommend responsive design, which will not only improve the user experience but also bring more search traffic. If you need any professional help then you may contact us for design or SEO service in Kolkata.

(Google likes this:

7. Use Export link ( Outbound Links )

This is simple and can get more traffic white hat SEO strategies.

 An export link is a link from your website to another website. The export link can provide visitors with more information sources without adding extra content on your own website. The key to a website, at the same time, it also passes Page Ranks to the site it points.

Page-related export links are of great benefit to the website, not only help to enrich the content of the page, but also help Google understand and judge your page theme. Showing your page to Google is an integration center of high-quality information. Conducive to improving the friendly impression of search engines on the site, which can increase the weight of the site, has a significant effect on improving the ranking of the website.

It is worth emphasizing that: the export link itself does not divert the weight of the website, but if the following two situations occur, your website will be a tragedy, it will be degraded:

1. The linked site is cheating or illegal. The speech causes the search engine to be dropped, degraded, etc., then you link to this website, your website weight will be affected

2. If the color of the link is the same color as the background, or the link is a super small font, or Images, DIVs, and other methods of blocking links and other ways to deceive search engines (Search engines see different content from users, so if they are found by search engines, your website weight will also be affected.

Suggestions :

every 1,000 The word uses 2 ~ 4 export links. The linked website needs to be an expert website or an authoritative website recognized by search engines.

8. Use internal links

In front of search engines, links represent a vote. External links are voting between websites, while internal links represent voting within the site. Internal links are essential channels for search engine spiders to crawl, as well as channels for passing weights within the site. Therefore, internal links play a crucial role in optimizing the page. If you wish to know more or want us to help you with your business or SEO service in Kolkata then click here

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