Actionable Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page’s SEO

When working with Facebook pages, we also have to optimize their performance and improve their position in the user’s searches. However, the differences are fundamental to the rest of the SEO strategies.

Therefore, we have compiled a list with some tips on how to optimize your Facebook page for SEO and to improve its performance, to add new followers. Now, when you have these new followers, you will have to have good content to be able to retain them. 

Actionable Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page's SEO

Complete all the information fields:

Facebook allows you to insert a lot of information on your page. To have a better performance, you have to complete as much as you can—for example, information, history, founding date, contact information, and more. Although we think it may be irrelevant, it is first on this list because, in theory, it should be the first thing we do when creating a fan page. We are not in an ideal world, and if our page does not have this information loaded, it should be the first thing we do.

Maintain an identifiable name:

Another thing we must do is keep our keywords in the name of the page, such as the brand name and, if necessary, the activity heading, for example. It is essential not to change the name of the page regularly – I have seen many brands that have this strategy, and it is wrong – not only because it makes our users dizzy and could cause us to lose reach and interaction, but because we will be penalized. Try to stick to one name, always.

Use a Vanity URL:

The URL that your fan page has is also essential. It will help you to position better and have more recognition from users. 

Create applications to complement the page:

Applications are essential not only to a position but also to generate more retention among users and offer more interesting content. You might not have the budget to develop applications. You will have to improvise and resort to other free services; for example, we can migrate our stream from Twitter or YouTube directly to Facebook. 

Maximize your performance with EdgeRank

Taking into account the way Facebook works is essential to manage a fan page and position yourself better correctly. So let’s remember that photographs and videos rank better than, for example, text-only posts. 

Be direct in your content:

The first characters of a post will be those that are indexed by, for example, Google. So we have to be reasonably direct, and not waste time on trifles such as saying good morning or saying hello on the weekend – this depends on the context. In the first sentence, we have to summarize our intentions, and we should not be doing too long updates because they do not have the desired effect.

Use multimedia:

Not only for EdgeRank but for a matter of user retention and better positioning. Photos and videos are something that cannot be missed on any fan page, and there must be special tabs dedicated to making a showcase of our best content.

Create links outside of Facebook:

Let’s take advantage of our official site, or any other website we have running, to link to our Facebook page. You can also put a fanbox for users to connect with us immediately. In a similar way that many search engines work, external links are also viewed by Facebook to improve our location in the food chain of social networks.

With these tips, we can have all the bases covered. In addition to improving your positioning, you should reach out to your users in many ways. Each Facebook page is a world and has its characteristics. It is just a matter of practicing and making mistakes to know what works. Applying these actionable tips to improve your Facebook page’s SEO is one of the best decisions you can make for your Facebook page. However, if you need any professional help then click here. We hope now you know how to optimize your Facebook page for SEO.

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